Sunday, March 25, 2012

Karmo, astrology and KP

Libraries can be filled up with literature on Karmo (written and pronounced as 'Karma' in English).

Concisely speaking, Karma is of 4 types:
1. Sanchito Karmo -- Accumulated actions on which result is due from many past births. There are hardly any documented rules in astrology to find out the nature and quantum of this type.
2. Prarabdho Karmo -- The small amount of Karmo which has been allocated for this birth. In Vedic astrology, a few higher order Divisional charts, especially D-30 and D-60 shows this.
3. Kriyaman Karmo -- Actions of Free Will. Choices you make in life (or perceive that you are making as yours). Note the word 'Kriyaman' and recall Lord Sri Krishna saying that in Kali Yuga 'Kriya' burns all previous Karmo. This Kriya is the Kriya Yoga of Sri Sri Lahiri Mahashaya Baba as taught by Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj. Many people misunderstand Kriyaman Karmo and get confused with Fate versus Freewill.
4. Agami Karmo -- Actions taken in this birth for which you will reap results in this birth and/or in next births. The easiest way to know that is: If you are doing any action where your ego is satisfied, then you have committed Agami Karma--either good or bad.

Both 3 and 4 above is shown by the planetary positions of your horoscope and the Dasa Bhukti that you will get. Mere presence of planetary combination is not fruitful unless you get the relevant Dasa Bhukti. And Dasa Bhukti does not materialize if the Gochara/Transits do not agree.

K.S. Krishnamurti wrote in his 1971 edition of the Reader 2 from page 15 - 33. These 19 pages are one of the most brilliant articulation of KSK on Karmo, apart from few other master pieces in his Astrology and Athrista magazine.

In these pages, KSK explains that from a horoscope an astrologer can find out what degree of Karmo has a person committed.

a) Dhrida/Dhruda Karmo -- Inexcusable mistake, unforgivable sin. In such horoscope the Dasalord+Bhuktilord+Lagna sign+Moon will not receive any aspect of Jupiter AND 9th lord. No wonder these people do not get any results from any gems or any remedies.

b) Adhrida/Adhruda Karmo -- Negligible mistake, forgivable sin. In such horoscope the Jupiter OR the 9th lord will be in Lagna OR conjoined with Moon OR Dasalord at birth OR Bhuktilord at birth. These are the people who get maximum benefits from any kind of remedies be it gems, Lal Kitab, Japa, Mantra etc. 

c) Dhridra-Adhridra Karmo -- Karmo 'between' the above 2 types. It is the excusable mistake provided excuse is sought. In the horoscope of such persons the Lagna OR Moon OR Dasa lord at birth OR Bhukti lord at birth will receive aspects from Jupiter OR the 9th Lord. These people need to be very active about remedies and the remedies will work only if they are properly chosen, otherwise no result will ensue.

If you read these pages of Reader 2, 1971 edition, you will notice that KSK is not talking in terms of his sublord theory. He is speaking pure Vedic astrology.

So stop fighting in the name of KP and KSK and devote your life to Jyotisha--astrology--the Light of God. The end matters, not the path.

Lastly, according to the Aghor Tantra philosophy as taught by Guru Vimalananda, 3 types of Karmo can never be nullified:

1. Gambling in any form especially horse racing
2. Rape
3. Guru Hatya (Killing of Guru)

Gambling and rape has remained in its original form. But it is important to now that doing Guru Ninda (bad mouthing the Guru) is also a form of killing the Guru.

Please do not hurt your Guru, his/her lessons to you, his/her faith on you by saying/writing/doing anything that will hurt his mind, body and soul.

Hypertension and KP

Many rules are present in astrology literature on hypertension/high blood pressure and astrological combinations. In KP, the rules are not much.  Next time if you see a horoscope of a person suffering from high blood pressure, please see if any of the following singularly or collectively is found in the chart:
1. Saturn in Leo
2. Sun in Aquarius
3. Mars with Saturn or with Sun in Leo or Aquarius
4. Saturn in star of Sun and in sub of 4th house lord and in Leo or Aquarius
5. Sun in star of Saturn and in sub of 4th house lord and in Leo or Aquarius
6. Saturn in star of 4th house lord and in sub of Sun or Mars and in Leo or Aquarius
7. Sun in star of 4th house lord and in sub of Sun or Mars and in Leo or Aquarius

In other words, for a person suffering from Hypertension, you will find Sun, Saturn and Mars joining their hands through star exchange, sub exchange, including the 4th house lord of the chart, the 4th house and the rashis Leo and/or Aquarius.

Please check with charts and post your comments.

PS: One of the best KP books on diseases have been authored by K. Hariharan titled Astrological Diagnosis of Diseases, 1st Ed. 1986

Saturday, March 24, 2012

K.S.Krishnamurti and Gem remedies

Many KP practitioners do not themselves believe in gem-based remedies and an equal number of them do believe. Both these type of people put the burden of their own belief or disbelief on late lamented KSK.
Many forget that KSK was a devout Hindu and did suggest many forms of remedies personally. In many of his articles published in the Astrology and Athrista, KSK did suggest remedial measures in terms of prayer to certain Hindu Gods, wearing of gemstones, bearing particular color in any form etc.
Keep checking out the forthcoming issues of JASA to know the truth about KP, Gems and KSK's real view on it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

JASA growing in leaps and bounds

JASA Mar-Apr 2012 issue recently released shows how quickly the international journal is growing in leaps and bounds. Not only it is read by 7000+ readers in over 58 countries, but in this issue we have a constellation of 14 star authors!!

The quality of the articles are splendid and the practical applicability is immense.