Friday, April 29, 2016

K. Ganapathy and Gems in KP Astrology

Some people are misguiding on the internet on their Facebook pages that KSK and his family did not believe in gem remedies. See the scanned article by the eldest son of KSK late K. Ganapathy about from Astrology and Athrishta June 1969 issue page 55 onwards.

Why the eldest son is more authentic has been explained in my another blog post here

If you still blindly remain convinced that KP and gems dont go together, then you are yourself depriving the correct knowledge to come to you because some people have hoodwinked you or may be because they are hurting the Hindus without studying Hindusim. Nothing more can be expected from such guru-less people.

K.S Krishnamurthi and Gems Part II

"For a believer no proof is required. For a disbeliever, no proof is enough" 

See the scanned pages of KSK's own words on gems and how KP system astrology can select gems through its own methods from Astrology and Athrishta November 1969 issue page 3 - 6.

Still some people will try to misguide you by saying that in KP system, no gems are used. This is what happens in Kaliyuga when a fool tries to lead the educated people. They will constantly misquote and misrepresent the 'fate-destiny' argument from KSK's write-up without being trained in astrology and without having a proper guru.

In my new Gem video course (See here), I have discussed the difference between Fate and Destiny. Difference between Bhobitavya and Purushakar and how these interact in a horoscope. These are based on simple tantric philosophies of astrology. Thousands of years and millions of people cannot be fools who have worn gems and led a better life.

One should not be like a horse with blinkers, refusing to see the wider world because some 12th pass high school drop-out misguides them.

You have two choices:
1) Believe the foolish people and deprive yourself from the bigger knowledge and wait till your next birth.

2) Get the bigger knowledge in this birth. The knowledge which will remain in your Annamay Kosha of your soul and travel with your soul in your next birth.


K.S. Krishnamurthi and Gems Part 1

The longest article of  late K.S. Krishnamurti ji appeared in Astrology and Athrishta May 1969 issue pages 9 to 28 authored and signed by KSK himself.

In this article, on page 17 he suggests gemstones for Kethu and Mars. See the scanned image below.

In the last para of page 28 the Guru KSK ji clearly advises his " followers" what to do of people who are jealous of other. See yourself below.

From long time I am holding back BRGJ from giving those two fellows " left and right".