Wednesday, December 31, 2014


My New Year 2015 astrological gift to the entire world--a revelation about why the 9 planets in the Vimshottari Maha Dasa (henceforth VMD) have been allotted 120 years. Also, why the VMD starts with Mercury Mahadasa and ends with Ketu Mahadasa. 

Also astrologers have always questioned why in VMD Rahu is allotted 18 years but its opposite end—Ketu—is allotted only 7 years. Why Saturn—the slowest planet-- has got 19 years allotted to it but Mercury, the smallest and fastest planet -- has been given 17 years? 

There has been no real and valid answer on this available in modern times with anyone, except a few evolved Jyotishis who are actually Sadhakas than mere fortune teller.

Read my full article in the EXPRESS STAR TELLER January 2015 Issue to know the formulae.

A few months later I will put up the entire article in my website

Happy New Year 2015!! to you and your family.

I have now uploaded the full article for all here