Monday, May 2, 2016

K. S. Krishnamurti ji and Traditional astrology

KSK was not against traditional astrology, he was not against traditional astrologers, he was not against gemstones or against anything which was good Indian culture. He was against people who use "probability", "tendency" etc. in the name of astrology, against people who could not do correct predition but wants to sell gems by making people afraid. Here is a scanned page from  Astrology and Athrishta, Feb 1970 Issue, Page 11 where KSK clearly hits out at 'dishonest astrologers. 

He is not telling against gems.

Read this carefully over and over again.

KSK is against those astrologer who does not make clear prediction and hide under the garb of fate destiny and slyly sell gems and other remedies. 


K.S Krishnamurthi, dodging Fate and Gems & remedies

For decades, people have misunderstood KSK's words on gems and fate and destiny. Here is one scanned page from Astrology and Athrishta, Jan 1970 issue Page 46 where KSK has suggested not only gems but also other means of planetary propitiations.

Even a blind can see it now.

I am not converting your belief. You can still continue believing that gems dont change lives. Continue in your belief. Your belief is your responsibility. What you will become is what you believe in .

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Choose your astrological Guru carefully

Arjuna became the best warrior because his Guru was the great Dronacharya, who himself was a gifted and talented person.

Dr. B.V. Raman became as great astrologer of India because his own grandfather, a great astrologer himself was his guru.

K.S. Krishnamurti's spiritual guru was no other than the greatest spiritual leader,  H.H. Kanchi Kamakoti holy seer. His astrological guru was the great poet Kavi Sundaresa Sarma.

One of my own guru late P.V.K. Punneswara Rao ji was the disciple of late V,B.N. Sarma ji of Warangal who himself was the direct student of KSK ji.

Many such examples can be given where a person has become great because he was trained well by a good guru.

So, choose your guru carefully. 

Do you want to choose some high school drop-out who have never read any Shastras, does not believe in sane principles of astrology such as retrogression, is himself led by a mlechha who has not read more than half a dozen books only?

Do you want to be led by such a person who is jealous of others success, creates secret group to malign and badmouth others, who expels people from his group because they question him or the disagree with him?

Do you want to be led by a guru who uses abusive and foul language?

Who is a real Astrologer Guru?

Vutthaayoshasi devataam hrudi nijaam dhyaatvaa vapussodhanam
Krithvaa snaana purassaram salila nikshepaadi karmaakhilam
Krithvaa mantra japaadhikamcha vidhivath panchaanga veekshaam thathaa
Khetaanaam gananamcha daivavidhatha swasthaantharaathmaa bhaveth | 

  • An Astrologer should get up before Sunrise and recite Gayatri mantra and other mantras of his choice.
  • Worshipping Sun god is compulsory for any Astrologer. Then only it is possible to get a deep knowledge in Astrology.
  • In the morning, the Astrologer should look into the almanac (Panchag) and decide the thithi (lunar day), vaara (day of the week), nakshatra (constellation), yoga (combination of sun and moon) and karana (half part of a thithi).

Ganiteshu praveenoyaha sabda sastre krutasramaha
Nyaayavidh buddhimaan desa dikkaalajno jitendriyaha |

  • An Astrologer should be able to make calculations of planetary positions and horoscope on his own. Now-a-days, the so-called Astrologers cannot do these calculations. In India 90% of astrologers are not even Graduates.
  • An Astrologer should put his senses under control by avoiding non-vegetarian food, junk food, liquors, smoking and womanizing etc. He should have a clean appearance and not an angry demeanor.
Triskandhajno darshaneeyah sroutha smaartha kriyaaparaha
Nirdaambhikah satyavaadhee daivajno daivavit sthiraha |

  • An Astrologer should have good skill in the subject of astrology as well as in other subjects. This is possible if the astrologer is highly educated. An astrologer who has himself not being able to complete education can never be an astrologer.
  • Most of the Astrologers indulge in praising their clients just to earn money. An Astrologer should never tell lies. Remember if he tells lies, his ability to foresee the future will be lost.

Adveshee nitya santoshee ganithaagama paaragaha
Muhoorta guna doshajno vagmee kusala budhimaan |

  • An Astrologer should be contented with whatever he earns. He should never be after money.
  • An Astrologer should not be jealous, should always be contented, good at mathematics, knows good and bad in muhoortas (electional astrology), good at communication and should be a sharp intellect. 
So, next time you call just anyone as your "Guru", first ask yourself what is the qualification, spirituality and background of the person.

Where you go will depend upon what path you choose.