Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why does KP Horary fails when all rules get applied correctly?

Why does a KP horary (1-249 number system) fail in spite of the best of astrologers following all the rules that KSK propounded in this books and magazines?

This is a question that has puzzled thousands of KP practitioners both the amateurs and proefessionals.

Firstly, many people forget that Horary/Prashna astrology is to be done for the querist, who must have a genuine query in his mind. As an astrologer, when I get a client, I assume that his question is genuine and check it through the connection shown by the Ruling Planets of Moon. If the Moon signifies the required houses of the query then I know that my assumption that the query is genuine, is true.

Secondly, and most importantly, even though I may cast the Prashna/Horary chart, I look at the Ascendant degree in the Ruling Planet chart. Only if I find that the ascendant degree of the RP chart is more than 5 degrees and less than 25 degrees, then I proceed with the Prashna/Horary.


It is a rule of Horary astrology that unless the rising degree is more than about 5 degrees, the query is not yet ripened or matured to get an answer. Simply speaking, it is still too early for the astrologer to look into the horary. Similarly, if the ascendant degree of the Prashna/Horary is more than 25 degrees, then it means that it is too late to look into the query. The matter has already happened and there is no point wasting time by looking into the query.

How does this lead to a wrong answer??

Even though the horary Moon may truly reflect the nature of the query, but if the rising ascendant degree of the RP ascendant is less than 5 degree then the planetary configurations are not yet correctly formed to tell what is going to be the true result. In the same manner, if this degree is more than 25 degrees, then it means that the correct planetary combinations have now changed because it is too late.

This leads to wrong horary prediction even though all applied rules are correct.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Houses to consider when buying a house

Food, clothing and shelter is considered as the basic necessity of mankind. In modern India, you can buy house (bunglow, apartment/flat, independent house) either from a real estate dealer/promoter or from an existing house-owner.

Failure to understand from whom you are buying the house leads to wrong selection of Houses to consider in KP.

Any type of house is a landed property. It is immovable and an asset. This is shown by the 4th house of the birth or horary chart.

Not everyone can buy a house in his or her lifetime. It requires strength of success in the horoscope--birth or horary. So, the 11th houses MUST come into the picture of analysis.

Now, we need to consider from WHOM are we buying the house. Is he the real-estate/property dealer or is he the owner of the house who is selling his personal property. This distinction is important otherwise we will choose the wrong houses in KP and our significators will be wrong and the final prediction will also be wrong.

If the seller is the real-estate/property dealer, then he is selling his 'products' and we are 'spending' on our purchase. It is the 'job' of the seller to sell, nothing more. So, here along with the 4th and 11th house, you must take the 12th house. Remember, here 12th house is showing not only your expenditure but the work of the property dealer. That is, it is his job to sell the houses to buyers.

But if you are buying it from a person who is selling his own asset then the situation is different. For a house-owner, the selling of his own house is a depletion of his immovable property. His 4th house is negated. So, you will have to take the 3rd house of the person who sells you his own house. This is the 12th house of 10th (which is 4th house of 7th). So, 9th house must be considered along with 4th and 11th.

So, when house property is purchased from a real-estate dealer/promoter, the houses to consider during KP analysis is: 4, 11, 12
But is house property is purchased from an existing house-owner, then one must consider houses 4, 9, 11.
Also remember, if the sublord of the 4th cusp is in star of such a planet who is either the owner or occupant of the 6th house, then it shows that house loan will be taken to buy the house property.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lip service about KS Krishnamurti

It is such a grief to observe that among the KP publications on the internet, it was only JASA that dedicated a full issue at the lotus feet of Guruji Kuthur Subbarayaiyer Krishnamurti (KSK) marking the death anniversary on the month of March. The many other KP publications released on the internet, (and some dating back to 2007) did not even bother to spend a single word on KSK. How ungrateful are these self-proclaimed KP stalwarts!!