Saturday, February 16, 2013

Moon in KP Horary

What is exactly is the role of Moon during the analysis of a KP horary?

This question is raised by almost every one doing a KP horary but hardly people know the inner meaning of the Moon in KP horary.

KP horary can be of 2 types: Time chart horary and Lagna based on 1-249 subs

In both these types the Moon that is obtained on the horoscope at the time of judgment by the astrologer is the Moon that belongs to the client/querist. Not only Moon, all the remaining 8 planets and the 12 houses/bhavas belong to the person who is asking the question.

The Moon is one of the main keys in delineating a Horary chart.

Firstly, Moon's house signification, its starlord and sublord house significations show whether the query asked by the querist is reflected in the chart or not. If  the querist has asked his question with clarity about the matter and has a true intention to know the answer, then the Moon of the horary always shows the "mind of the querist".

Secondly, Moon of the horary gives the DBA of the chart. If Moon herself is reflecting the required houses, then it need not necessarily mean that the result will be obtained soon because Moon herself does not form the Dasa. Moon's star lord, if reflects the query, then it shows that the result "may materialize" in the running Dasa. With the sub lord of Moon also reflecting the required houses, it means that not only in the running Dasa, but also in the current bhukti the result "may materialize".

I say "may materialise" because Moon's reflection of the query is no guarantee that the result will actually happen.

This is because, for something to happen (or not happen) it is the main house cusp sublord that muct be linked (or not linked) with the secondary houses. Only if there is promise of the matter asked AND ALSO the Dasa-Bhukti matches, then only the matter materializes.

So, Moon's reflection of query at the star level and sub level has deeper significance than at Moon's own level.

Thirdly, in a KP number horary, the number fixes the Lagna and keeps it there. So the fastest dynamic planet is Moon in the horary and it has certain other dimensions that I cannot just reveal in the public.

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