Thursday, July 18, 2013

Change of Job versus Profession: The correct KP Rule

Dear friends,

I have seen so many KP practitioners making the mistake of choosing the wrong main cuspal houses and supporting houses to judge change of job or profession.

The fault is not their own. It is because they have not understood the changes in the Sthaana-Kaala-Patra (context-time-native) of the era. Let me elaborate a little bit on this.

In earlier days (the era of late KSK, CR Bhatt, J Hasbe etc that is during 1960s to 80s), almost all majority of service holders used to stick on to their "kind of job"--profession, even though they 'sometimes'changed their employer. Very seldom, however, they ever changed their line of profession. But some did do it.

It is here that many KP practitioners confuse between the concept of "change of job" versus "change of profession". 

Change of job--is about changing one's employer while remaining in the same field/profession. For example a software engineer may change his job (service) from one company to another but still remains a software engineer.

Change of profession--is about not only changing the employer, but also changing the field/profession altogether. For example, a software engineer not only changes his company but joins an educational institute as a faculty/teacher to teach computing language.

We all know that in KP astrology, 6th house is the house of service, supported by house 10 as profession and 11 as regular/monthly income. 2nd house is the house of accumulation of income.

So, for change of job, we will have to consider it as change in service/employer. So the main house should be the 6th cusp (house of service) signifying houses 5th (12th to 6th showing a completely new service environment), 1(disruption in the accumulation of income) and 3 (change). 

Whereas, for change of profession/field of working, the person is undergoing a vocational metamorphosis. So, the main house cuspal sublord is 10th (house of profession). This 10th house should signify 9th (12th house to 10th hence showing complete change and new field), 5th (new employer/new service), 1(disruption of income accumulation) and 3 (courage to change)

The reason why people fail in astrology prediction is that they do not know how the real world of their client operates and blindly follows rules from text books while making predictions.