Wednesday, October 4, 2017

KP Astrology Part 7 video in Youtube

It gives me great pleasure to put up the 7th video of KP astrology in YouTube on this auspicious occasion of  Shree Shree Laxmi Puja 2017. This is a clip taken from my own  video course Professional Video Course: Accurate Predictions with KP Astrology published on May 2013.

Thousands and thousands of copies have been sold. Today almost everyone who is teaching online, offline, KP courses are the buyers of this courses. We have their and their relatives/friends addresses during the purchase order.

It has been a overwhelming positive response and with God's and Guru's blessing the course is loved by one and all.

In this sample video you will get a clear idea of what is Planet Significator. Too much reliance on computer software without knowing the mechanics of significatorship can ruin your chance of becoming a good KP astrologer. So, watch this video help yourself. Click on the picture and see the video.