Saturday, January 26, 2013

Essential Steps in Doing KP Horary

Doing horary astrology with the Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) by using 1-249 number system or the time chart is one of the easiest methods of horary astrology. A careful study of the 1970 edition of the 6th KP Reader by late KSK will show that following easy steps are to be taken.

1. Ask the number from the querent between 1-249 after stating the question clearly.

2. Cast the Placidus horoscope with the given number with KP New Ayanamsa. This can be done with any standard software and the best ones are Jyotish Deepika v 5 and KP Starone.

3. Once the horary chart is casted, see whether the Moon and its star lord and sublord is the occupant and/or owner of the required houses of the matter under enquiry. If the houses are reflected through horary Moon, it shows that the querist has a true urge and has not come to test the knowledge of the astrologer or does not have an unspoken question.

4. Next look at the main cuspal sublord of the matter enquired. If the question is about child birth, then look at the 5th cusp for female querents and 11th cusp for male querents. The main cuspal sublord should be the significator of the required houses.

5. Almost in all horary questions, the 11th cuspal sublord should be reflecting the required houses.

6. Next the Dasa-Bhukti must be checked. As Moon in a horary chart shows the Dasa-Bhukti through its star and sublord, Moon's reflection of the query also means that the result will materialize soon. This is of course dependent on the overall Ruling Planet positions and the transit.

7. Check the transits of the DBA and check whether the DBA will yield result or not.