Monday, May 2, 2016

K. S. Krishnamurti ji and Traditional astrology

KSK was not against traditional astrology, he was not against traditional astrologers, he was not against gemstones or against anything which was good Indian culture. He was against people who use "probability", "tendency" etc. in the name of astrology, against people who could not do correct predition but wants to sell gems by making people afraid. Here is a scanned page from  Astrology and Athrishta, Feb 1970 Issue, Page 11 where KSK clearly hits out at 'dishonest astrologers. 

He is not telling against gems.

Read this carefully over and over again.

KSK is against those astrologer who does not make clear prediction and hide under the garb of fate destiny and slyly sell gems and other remedies. 


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